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If you're looking at Abbey Bike Tools' Team Issue Ti Hanger Alignment Gauge, we're confident that you're a person with an eye for the best offerings in the bike world, and this derailleur hanger alignment gauge isn't one to disappoint. With modern bikes being equipped with as many as 12 cogs in the space that used to host only 8 it's never been as crucial as it is now to make sure your derailleur hanger is perfectly straight, and this precision tool is crafted to do just that. It takes the specs from Abbey's standard HAG, like intensely tight tolerances as tight as a quarter of a thousandth of an inch, and lock-in feeler that keeps your measurement precision, and an extended T-bolt for access to problematic hangers occasionally found in modern full-suspension bikes, but elevates its craftsmanship even further. The Team Issue Ti HAG features, as you have likely put together yourself, titanium construction that's featherweight, shaving off 160-grams, while maintaining every bit of durability.

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