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Abbey Bike Tools' collection of specialty suspension toolsgrows to include RockShox Charger damper and Reverb seatpost specific toolswith the RockShox Service Wrench. These wrenches were developed incollaboration with RockShox crafting wrenches that could hold the thin aluminumparts, with non-standard tool interfaces, without damage. The wrenches arebuilt with tool grade aluminum to precise tolerances ensuring they will not marthe sensitive parts inside your seatpost or fork. Each features a 3/8-inchdrive in the middle so you can use a torque wrench on reassembly. These tools,like all of Abbey Bike Tools, are manufactured in Bend, Oregon. Choose between the Charger or Charger 2 wrenches designedfor the coupler and lower seal heads, or the Reverb wrench for the 4 sidedupper bushing and lower seal head on both the 30. 9 and 31. 6-millimeterversions.

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