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ILLUMINATE THE NIGHT It's dark out there on the neighborhood streets. Keep your children safe and happy by equipping them with glowing accessories that will light the way, leading them to all the candy their little sugar-coated heart's desire. Carrying a big, bulky flashlight when they're already hauling around heavy trick-or-treat sacks full of sweets would be difficult since they're little hands are already full. Gift them with a more exciting way to light the way. The 5-pack of 8-inch glow sticks can be used to keep one child shining brightly or each one can be passed out to different kids all the neighborhood kids can have a radiant glow. PRODUCT DETAILS This product is for kids 3 and above. Each glow stick is approximately 8-inches long and in this pack, you receive five separate sticks in 3 different colors- orange, green and purple. (There is 1 purple, 2 green, and 2 orange glow sticks.) Also, five connectors are included. Use these small plastic connectors to make bracelets and necklaces. GLOWING GOODNESS Your children and their friends will love wearing and using these glowsticks. Check out all the glowing products we have so kids can stay safe and have fun this Halloween.

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