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At first glance the 7mesh Industries Slab Short seems perplexing in the sense that you know what it is, but not what's so unusual with its design. 7mesh dives right into maximizing performance for the Slab with a seamless gusset that allows for the ideal performance of the DWR treated, four-way stretch fabric. Designed for races against the clock as well as 24-hour mountain bike marathons, the weather-resistant Slab promotes freedom of movement and chafe-free riding. Keeping with the minimalist design and nearly-invisible seams, the Slab features one zippered-pocket on the leg panel, and with a loose riding shirt covering the waistband, it's really the only visible feature. Depending on your riding plans, you may benefit from carrying an additional pack for storage. The logo on the leg panel is light-sensitive and reacts when faced with direct light to improve visibility during dawn-patrol and twilight.

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