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There's nothing as pristine and lovely as a freshly-fallen blanket of snow. But if we were allowed to change one thing about our favorite form of precipitation, we'd be tempted to add just a hint of extra color. That's what makes this 69" Lavender Weeping Willow Spray such a fine piece of festive decor. It glitters and sparkles like real snowflakes, but in a tasteful purple-y hue that you just can't find anywhere else! Hey-the holidays are what you make them. And if you want to make subtle pastels a part of your seasonal palette, you shouldn't have to tinker with the weather! We can barely hang a string of lights without causing a minor disaster, so we're pretty sure that picking up a few of these accent pieces would be safer (and more convenient) than seeding the clouds with food coloring, for example. Plus, you can reuse these branches year after year!

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