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No Refrigeration Needed | Long Shelf-Life | Ready to Eat a No Refrigeration Needed A true MRE, Vegetarian can be stored in the basement or in the cupboard so it's ready when you need it.a Tasty Hearty MealYou can enjoy the great taste of a MRE cold or easily heat it up with one of our MRE Heaters. Either way, this Vegetarian MRE provides both much needed nutrition at the end of a long day or in the event of an emergency.a Packed with ProteinThere might not be real meat in this entree, but they will contain TVP or beans make up 10-18 grams of protein, more than some servings of MREs with real meat!Our MREs or (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) are a great way prepare in the event of an emergency. Life can be unpredictable, and while we can't foresee every possible situation, we can be prepared. In the case of our Vegetarian MRE, having a reliable source of nutrition coincides with a flavorful and delicious meal!MREs are ideal to take with you while camping, hiking, fishing or any outdoor adventure. Their compact design and durable packaging make them the perfect traveling companion. Just throw them in your backpack and away you go! You don't even need to heat them up if you don't want to.Our MREs are manufactured by the same company's that have government contracts with the Department of Defence. So if you've ever had an MRE before you know it will have the same great flavor and durable packaging that is ideal for our Military and perfect for emergency preparedness.

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