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Tangy sweet taste | 30 year shelf-life | Good for recipes or snacksa Easy prep for recipesAfter adding water, these blackberries can be used in your time-tested, famous recipes!a Great snack on the goIf you dona (TM)t want to add water, the berries are great snacks for camping, hiking or just on the go!a Extreme shelf-lifeWith a 30 year shelf-life you can enjoy the sense of security that comes from being prepared.a Great way to prepare for the futureWith a great taste, essential nutrients, a long shelf-life and easy preparation; youa (TM)ll be making a smart investment with food storage!Freeze Dried Blackberries are a great way to add essential nutrients to your food storage pantry! They last for 30 years on the shelf and are easy to prepare! You can prepare the berries by simply adding water. When you add water, the blackberries are restored to their original texture, taste and nutritional value. They can then be used in recipes for desserts, smoothies, cakes, pies or whatever your family feels in the mood to eat!You can also pop these delicious berries on the go. Put them in a bag and you have a light-weight, ready-to-eat snack for hikes, campout's or just for fun!Blackberries add vitamins and antioxidants to your food storage menu while adding zesty, wonderful taste! What better way to prepare for the future with food storage that not only lasts but tastes good too!Since these berries are freeze-dried, they will last for 30 years on the shelf! They are sealed for quality to ensure that no elements or critters get inside the can before you do!Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Blackberries add nutrients and antioxidants to your food storage with a long shelf-life, easy preparation and a great taste!

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