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Long Shelf Life | Electrolyte Sports Drink | Great Tastinga Drink Up and Enjoy Cool and refreshing, our EasyPrep Fruit Punch Sports Drink Mix can be just what you need in case of an emergency.a Add Something Different We are all encouraged to have plenty of water stored in our emergency food supply but that can get a bit tiresome after awhile. Mix in a bit of our Fruit Punch Sports drink to add a little variety to your storage.a Great for 72 Hour KitsEasyPrep drink mixes in your 72 hour kits will help you be prepared in case of an emergency. You will have one less thing to worry about when disaster strikes.EasyPrep Fruit Punch Sports Drink Mix is sure to be popular with the entire family. Your family will absolutely love the great taste. When disaster strikes or even if you need the convenience of a tasty, refreshing drink while you are hiking, camping, fishing, or whatever outdoor adventure suits you, our EasyPrep Fruit Punch Sports Drink Mix is sure to satisfy. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of having your drink mixes stored in a durable pouch that will keep it fresh for years to come. Just add water and stir.You never want to buy food storage, but in this day and age with a future that's so unpredictable, it makes food storage a priority. With EasyPrep pouches you have the security of knowing that your loved ones won't go hungry in an emergency. Try our EasyPrep pouches today and enjoy a delicious and worry free pouch with a great shelf life.

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