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The angled length of the 3T Ergosum Team Stealth Handlebar's drops may once have been a novelty, but they're no longer a rare sight in the peloton or the bike shop. The rise of the ergonomic drop began with the trend of ever more aggressive stack heights: as the bars got lower, the riders began spending more and more time on the hoods. It also created a huge gap between the rider and the forward, aggressive spot on the drops, so the ergonomic shape was developed to not only bring that sprinting platform back within reach, but to level it out for a more secure, definite grip in the chaos of the bunch finish. While ergonomic drops have become the new standard, many of us find that the latest trend of bloated, flattened-out tops on handlebars' just adds unnecessary weight and makes our cockpit accessory mounts incompatible. It also expands the flats -- formerly a place of comforting refuge for our hands on long climbs or after we've blown up -- to the point where they're just too damned big to be comfortable. The traditional, round shape of the Ergosum's tops leaves the power in your hands. You can run them with minimalist, barely there tape or pad them out with gel padding. Chances are good that your various peripherals are all built to clamp onto this shape, too, and the bars themselves are reinforced for use with clip-on aerobars. That reinforcement also means that, even for the biggest, strongest rider, the bars won't fail while you're torquing them in a sprint -- though we do recommend using a torque wrench while you're torquing on them in the shop.

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