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Many of us are keen to take advantage of the flashy shaping -- and its inherent aerodynamic advantage -- of 3T's Aerotundo Stealth Handlebar. But. We aren't all necessarily feeling the fire engine inspired, swooping graphical flair of 3T's standard Team line. The Aerotundo Team Stealth Handlebar provides an alternative, murdered-out aesthetic that's especially appreciated if, like many of us, you prefer to leave the flattened aerodynamic top section unwrapped. Aesthetic differences aside, the matte-finish Aerotundo Team Stealth bar features the same stiff, low weight, vibration damping carbon construction as its less muted counterpart, and it also presents the same NACA airfoil shape to the wind across its flats. While the non-round shape certainly catches the eye, 3T and common sense both suggest that it avoids catching the wind more effectively than traditional round bars. The flattened, tapered shape also provides an unlooked for benefit, providing a wide, flat surface that distributes pressure across more of a rider's palm. The teardrop profile also means that the Aerotundo's flats slope toward the back, lining up with a cyclist's hands' angle of approach. Though the peculiarly shaped tops benefit immensely from the virtually unlimited lay-up shapes available to carbon fiber, the Aerotundo's drops are the classic, rounded profile of yesteryear. Like a wool jersey to the latest five material speedsuits or lugged steel to monocoque carbon, the Aerotundo's deep, rounded drops speak the poetry of cycling's past to the tech-heavy science of 3T's Ergo drop bars. Ergo shaping may appeal to some cyclists, but just as many others find it awkward and convoluted when compared to the beautiful simplicity of the proportional curve across the Aerotundo's 139mm depth and 113mm reach -- 12 and 9mm more, respectively, than 3T's ergo models.

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