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Wiggle Room When it comes to the season of spook, there's no reason to hold back decorations. Your options are endless. There could even be a change of theme every year. One year you might make your house look like an ancient mansion with ghosts and smokey mirrors in every corner. The next year the theme could have a mummy theme with loose wrappings and scarab beetles. Because of all the different twists and turns at hand, it's nice to have decoration props that will work in all sorts of ways. This little snake will be a nice surprise tucked into any sort of theme! Place it in a centerpiece with a bouquet of black roses and little bowls of candy. Pin it into a Halloween wreath or set it against a mini graveyard plot. This little snake will always offer up some wiggle room! Product Details This long black snake is smooth and wiggly. Its mouth is wide with a forked tongue coming from its mouth. At fourteen inches it'll stand out but with its flat body, it's easy to store. Halloween Hiss-teria It's easy to get into the Halloween mood. Coffee shops roll out Pumpkin Spice flavors. Kids start waxing poetic about their costumes. Then you find yourself seeking out scary movies and ghost stories. Be ready to decorate when the spooky passion hits. This snake is sure to be a hit!

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