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Just in case the top-dog goggle from 100% wasn't enough for you, the Racecraft has been redesigned to boost performance to the next level with the new Racecraft Plus. Much like its predecessor, the Racecraft Plus is hungry for chunky downhill lines, with shatter-resistant lenses, a removable nose guard, and outriggers for better fit with helmets, but with new features, like an extra layer of sweat absorbing foam, you'll find not only more comfort, but better over all performance from these windows to the world. The Racecraft Plus features a new 9-pin lens retention system that boosts the security of your lens while you're riding, so you don't have to stress about the lens slipping on the trail. The lens is a pre-curved injected polycarbonate shield that resists shatter, while enhancing visual clarity. For the construction, 100% created a co-molded urethane frame with vents that guide air to the new four-layer foam padding. This helps the foam with evaporating perspiration as it wicks moisture away from your skin. Additionally, the flexible urethane frame composition aids in optimizing the goggles' field of vision. Vision is taken seriously in motocross for obvious reasons, and the advantages from years of experience translates into distinct advantages for 100% in the mountain biking marketplace. For example, there are over twenty aftermarket lenses available for every light condition imaginable--from Clear to Rose. Even better, the easy of replacing lenses extends throughout 100%'s line of goggles, keeping cost down and ensuring that replacement parts are plentiful. And best of all, 100% has a full line of vision-enhancing, tear-off and roll-off accessories. This means that all 100% goggles are ready for muddy race courses and sloppy days riding lifts.

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