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Ripping down singletrack is where you find your calling in life, and what better way to do it than with the confidence and coverage supplied by the Ride 100% Airmatic Women's Shorts' These stretchy shorts are ready for rallying berms and tail-whipping off of rollers thanks to their dialed in construction, with a gusseted crotch that offers free range of motion, and knee-length fit that offers room for pads, in case you go down hard. The Airmatic Shorts are easy to dial in for your perfect fit, thanks to the adjustable tabs at the waist, and liner-free construction that allows you to toss in your favorite chamois before hitting the trail. Their polyester and elastane construction means there's plenty of give when you need to get behind the saddle, plus breathability to boot, so strenuous climbs up technical switchbacks won't leave you bogged down and soggy. The shorts are topped off with three zippered pockets for stashing your mid-ride snacks, cards, and gadgets, so you're ready for any adventure that might follow the trail.

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